DBT and Distressed Elephants: An Expert Interview with Renee Hoekstra

An Elephant in the Room

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Renee Hoekstra, Psy.D. about her practice, finding a quiet moment and how elephants can teach us something about our emotions.  I'm happy to share with you, today, what she had to say.

Christy:  In your practice you focus on reducing suffering that accompanies misery, isolation, disconnection, alienation and loneliness.  How do you approach these problems?

Renee:  These problems can be very profound and rarely made public. What I really enjoy about some of the DBT material is that if offers qualitative information about the types of experiences people have, the reasons and causes for some of these experiences, and a way of making sense, sort of speak, of these experiences.

Clients come to my groups and have tremendous difficulty putting words on experience as well as organizing and understanding their own behaviors. It can be quite powerful to find they are not alone. Continue reading “DBT and Distressed Elephants: An Expert Interview with Renee Hoekstra” »