How to Think Assertively

think assertivelyMany people develop beliefs that lead to avoiding conflict in the short term, but create long term resentments and loss of self-respect.  Beliefs that interfere with self respect include:

  • “saying no is selfish”
  • “Making requests of others is self-centered”
  • “It’s wrong (selfish, bad) if someone gets upset with me” and
  • “I should sacrifice my needs to others”
  • I can’ do it.  I’m stupid.  I’ll mess it up.

Everyone worries about standing up for themselves to some degree.  But, if you’re stuck in thoughts that you don’t deserve it or are fearful of the consequences of asserting yourself, it may be helpful to counteract some of your beliefs and worries.

Some thoughts that might give a person the courage to act on their own behalf include: Continue reading “How to Think Assertively” »