Are You Doomed to Perpetual Conflict?

We are surrounded by our relationships.  We’re born into families and, big or small, they shape and define our growth and learning.  As adults a constellation of relationships describes who we are:  mother, father, aunt, uncle, son, daughter, employee, manager, friend, rival, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, partner.  Whether we are working, caring for others, going to school, finding love or hanging out, we are doing so in relation to others.

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When Bad Advice Becomes Bad Beliefs

Psychology Today had a section on bad advice this month.  It got me thinking about the bad advice we often hear and, in many cases, internalize.

Throughout life we receive advice from parents, family, friends, teachers and other authority figures.  Some of this advice is repeated so frequently or presented so definitively that we take it as truth.  Over time, we may not realize where advice originated.  We can take it as fact and incorporate it into our internal belief system.  Unfortunately, bad advice and internalized negative beliefs can lead to numerous life problems.  Continue reading “When Bad Advice Becomes Bad Beliefs” »