Exercises to Calm and Relax Your Body

Sometimes, in order to slow down and calm you mind, you have to first calm your body.  Emotion can affect our ability to think clearly and color our view of the world.  Racing thoughts and rumination are difficult to interrupt.  The weariness and dissatisfaction of shame can overpower common sense.  Anger and sadness skew our thoughts and interpretations toward the negative.  When you need to stop fighting reality and want to do what works, the best place to start may be with your body.

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Exercises to Calm The Body

In my last post I discussed the concept of acceptance and the need to calm the body in order to get the mind into a place of acceptance. I also extrapolated on the question: Should You Really Have a Pulse Oximeter at Home?, so I'm hoping you're going to keep an Oximeter handy, at home.

There are many relaxation techniques designed to calm the body.  If you have one that works for you, you can use that.  I will present exercises in my next two posts.

These initial exercises here are focused on breathing.

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