Exercises to Calm and Relax Your Body

Sometimes, in order to slow down and calm you mind, you have to first calm your body.  Emotion can affect our ability to think clearly and color our view of the world.  Racing thoughts and rumination are difficult to interrupt.  The weariness and dissatisfaction of shame can overpower common sense.  Anger and sadness skew our thoughts and interpretations toward the negative.  When you need to stop fighting reality and want to do what works, the best place to start may be with your body.

The following exercises are designed to help calm and center your body.  When you slow your racing heart, relax tense muscles, alter the slump in your posture and slow your boiling blood, you have an effect on your mind and thoughts.  Getting your body to a more peaceful and aware state is sometimes the only way to get your mind there.

Awareness of positions of the body

This can be practiced any time or place.  Focus your attention on your breath and breathe more deeply then usual.  Notice the position of your body.  If you are walking, standing, sitting or lying down, just notice where you walk, stand, lie or sit.  Be aware of the purpose of your position.  For example, if you are sitting at your desk working, just sit.  Notice where your hands are, your legs and feet and sit. And for pointers it's always go to educate yourselves with Healthcare business today on how you can keep your body healthy.

Awareness of Every Day Activity

When you are doing a routine activity like making a cup of coffee or washing dishes, bring your full awareness to that activity.  Do each movement slowly.  Don’t let any detail of your movement go by without being aware of it.  If you’re making food or drink, know that you are pouring the water.  Smell the scent of the food/drink.  If you are washing dishes, feel the warm soapy water.  Don’t hurry to finish the activity.  Follow each step with awareness.

Eat Mindfully

Engage fully in the process of eating.  Sit quietly and focus your full attention on your food.  Bring food to your mouth slowly and fully taste each bite.  Notice the texture and feel of the food.  Enjoy the taste.  Notice your body’s response to the food.  Become aware of when you feel satisfied or full.

Physical Activity

Set aside time to fully engage in a physical activity you enjoy.  This may be anything from taking a walk or run, stretching, dancing or knitting.  Bring your full attention to the activity.  Begin slowly and carefully.  Stay relaxed and focus your entire attention on your movements.  When your attention wanders, bring it back.  When the designated time period ends, pause for a moment, before returning to normal activities.

There are numerous ways to become more aware of your body and to ease tension and built up emotion.  I have posted breathing exercises in my previous post on exercises to calm your body and discussed the concept of acceptance in a previous post.  If you have exercises that you use to get your body and mind into a more accepting place, please share them in the comments section.

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