Practice & Tools

Take a few brief moments to calm and focus the mind with this two minute guided mindfulness practice video narrated by Christy Matta, author of The Stress Response.

Trouble shooting our skill use is very much like a scientific exeperiment which, according to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, is "The Most Human Activity."


Body Scan Meditation Podcast

Enjoy Mindfulness with this 7 minute podcast. Reconnect with your body and reduce tension with this guided mindfulness body scan, narrated by Christy Matta, author of The Stress Response. 

  • Simple and straightforward
  • Relaxing
  • No previous mindfulness experience required




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  1. My stress is caused by money. i dont enjoy the money i make because it all goes away in a few days, well because of debt. i work hard and at the end of the month, i cannot reward myself so i stress alot..

  2. the 2nd thing is that, m frustrated by the job i’m doing. i’ve been doing the same job for close to 4years and i feel its about time for a new job. the stressing part is that even though i’m putting in my CV everywhere, nothing is coming my job interviews nothing.

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