Should You Go With Your Gut?

fountain penAre you someone who relies on logic, pros and cons lists and deliberative thought, to make the important decisions in you life? Or are you someone who makes “gut” decisions—choices rooted in emotion and feeling that are not always logical?

Traditionally, deliberating and weighing pros and cons has been considered the better approach for making good life decisions, Whether deciding on where to go for your next vacation or the right career path, many have long held the belief that emotion interferes with decision making. A new study in the August issue of Emotion investigates the benefits of emotion-focused decision making. Continue reading “Should You Go With Your Gut?” »

How Do You Make Moral Decisions?

make moral decisions

It’s an age old question asked by philosophers and psychologists for centuries.  Are moral choices and judgments based on emotion and our passions or on logic and rational thought?  Do we choose a course of action because if “feels” right or is it based on reason and sound judgment?

In DBT Linehan describes a state of mind she calls “wise mind.”  Wise mind is considered an integration of ‘emotion mind’ and ‘reasonable mind.’  It is an internal sense of knowing that comes from a combination of emotional experiencing and problem solving.  Wise mind is both thoughtful and intuitive.  It is both emotional and rational. Continue reading “How Do You Make Moral Decisions?” »