How to Think Assertively

Many people develop beliefs that lead to avoiding conflict in the short term, but create long term resentments and loss of
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The Story of Emotion

Where do emotions come from? Are they simply a wave that rolls over you, unpredictable and unchangable? Emotions are triggered by
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Non-judgmental Mindfulness: Changing Your Thinking

Good, bad, fair, unfair, superior, awful, excellent, dreadful, worthy, shoddy, should, shouldn’t.  If this is the soundtrack in your mind, then
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Positive Thoughts for the Holidays

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[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=thanksgiving+table&iid=2563384″ src=”7/5/0/2/fb.JPG?adImageId=7802002&imageId=2563384″ width=”234″ height=”228″ /] Within our mind we experience a ceaseless flow of thoughts. Ordinarily our attention
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