Does Spontaneity Make you More Creative?

Do you remember childhood play?  When you could be completely engrossed in the activity of the moment?  No worries, no thoughts about what to cook for dinner, the email you need to send out, whether you’ve bought enough suntan lotion for vacation or taken care of the weeds on the front walk.  Just play.  100% engrossed in coloring or building blocks or dressing Barbie.

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Exercises to Calm The Body

In my last post I discussed the concept of acceptance and the need to calm the body in order to get the mind into a place of acceptance. I also extrapolated on the question: Should You Really Have a Pulse Oximeter at Home?, so I'm hoping you're going to keep an Oximeter handy, at home.

There are many relaxation techniques designed to calm the body.  If you have one that works for you, you can use that.  I will present exercises in my next two posts.

These initial exercises here are focused on breathing.

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