Your Feelings and Music: Does Musical Awareness Impact Emotional Understanding?

musical awarenessListening to music is often an emotional experience. You can certainly see the emotional impact of music on TV and in movies. Movies and television use music to let us know when a dramatic scene is occurring. Music might induce joy and hope: think of The Rainbow Connection in The Muppet Movie, determination and excitement: Eye of the Tiger from Rocky 3 or complicated feelings such as sadness, despair, calm or acceptance: The Sound of Silence at the end of the movie The Graduate.

Off the screen, music can continue to affect our emotions. A favorite song can remind us of summertime and evoke feelings from the past. The music played at a spa is designed to help you unwind and feel calm, while music at a club can make you feel excited and joyful and want to get up and dance.

Many psychological therapies, including DBT, suggest the use of music as a means of managing intense and overwhelming emotions. What music you use and how you use it is individual, but music can be used to calm a mood or alter a painful feeling. Continue reading “Your Feelings and Music: Does Musical Awareness Impact Emotional Understanding?” »