Does Work/Life Conflict Cause You Stress?

work life stressThe holidays, with their activity and distraction, have passed.  For many American’s, this first week of January brings a renewed focus on work.

If you’re one of the 76 percent of Americans who experience work as somewhat or very significantly stressful, then you may be returning to work with resolutions to improve some aspect of work that contributes to your stress.

In an overview of the research on stress in this month’s Monitor on Psychology Rebecca Clay highlights advice on how organizations and individuals can reduce conflict and the often stressful consequences.

Here are a few tips: Continue reading “Does Work/Life Conflict Cause You Stress?” »

How Do You Make Moral Decisions?

make moral decisions

It’s an age old question asked by philosophers and psychologists for centuries.  Are moral choices and judgments based on emotion and our passions or on logic and rational thought?  Do we choose a course of action because if “feels” right or is it based on reason and sound judgment?

In DBT Linehan describes a state of mind she calls “wise mind.”  Wise mind is considered an integration of ‘emotion mind’ and ‘reasonable mind.’  It is an internal sense of knowing that comes from a combination of emotional experiencing and problem solving.  Wise mind is both thoughtful and intuitive.  It is both emotional and rational. Continue reading “How Do You Make Moral Decisions?” »