Memorial Day Stress Survival Guide

Memorial Day stressIt’s Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial beginning of summer.  It can represent carefree days, BBQ’s, sun, the beach and gatherings of family and friends.  But Memorial Day weekend can also include holiday stressors such as traffic, crowds, bad weather, food gone bad, high expectations, conflict and tension and loneliness.  And, although it’s a holiday for many, there are also many who will be working.

DBT teaches a variety of skills to manage stressful times.  These are a few strategies that you can use to deal with Memorial Day stressors.

Acceptance: Problems, daily hassles, loneliness and unmet expectations happen to all of us.  Life is imperfect no matter who or where you are (bad weather and arguments can happen even on a yacht in the Carribean). Responding to your problems, instead of sticking your head in the sand keeps stress and anxiety from building.  Sometimes you have to make a conscious choice to accept that your plans and expectations have gone awry. Continue reading “Memorial Day Stress Survival Guide” »