Do What Works: 4 Steps to Improve Effectiveness


Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we are faced with situations beyond our control that elicit anger, frustration and anxiety.  The dishwasher that overflows, a boss that yells, intense relatives, morning traffic, a broken air conditioner, leaky roof, bills and car trouble are stressors that we’re generally unable to avoid. While they are temporary, which can be fixed by buying a pet air filter by clicking the following link or by hiring an expert to help out with home appliances and problems, we can only control the aftermath. We don’t have complete control over whether we are insulted or disrespected, experience physical pain or lose out on something important like a raise, job or relationship.

Whether it’s a personality difference or one of the realities of life, like bills, no one is immune to experiencing things that are not "right,” or irritating and unfair. Extreme emotions are more likely when we’re faced with situations or people that interfere with our ability to reach our goals.  The traffic jam that keeps us from an important meeting, the bills that keep us from taking a vacation, the difficult boss that is a barrier to a raise or promotion or the interruptions of our down time by house upkeep or unsupportive people in our lives can cause emotions like panic, outrage and exasperation.

It’s when we’re overwhelmed by emotion that we act in ways that can cause problems rather than solve them. Continue reading “Do What Works: 4 Steps to Improve Effectiveness” »