Change: One of Life’s Constants or Impossible to Achieve

According to one of the central dialectical tenets of DBT, change is the nature of life.  Everything is in a constant state of change.

I can accept the idea of constant change and see it in the world all around me.  Seasons change, children grow, friendships strengthen or grow more distant.  We move, get older, experience health problems, fall in love, recover from sickness, lose loved ones, graduate from school and so on.  But sometimes those things we most wish to change, seem to stay the same.

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Ambivalent about Change? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

question markIn a recent post I discussed a study that found that substance use disorders often begin when people are experiencing mental difficulties use substances to self-medicate.  The study focused on people who struggle with anxiety, but it’s not uncommon for people with mental health problems to turn to alcohol and other substances to get relief from painful symptoms.

Once you begin drinking, using substances or engaging in some other problematic behavior, you may recognize the risks and costs of that behavior, but still be ambivalent about whether to make a change.  There are a variety of reasons for being ambivalent about changing problematic behaviors.  Change is both difficult and scary.  The more strongly you believe that alcohol or other substances result in positive symptom relief, the harder it is to get motivated to change. Continue reading “Ambivalent about Change? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself” »

Top 5 Posts: A Year End Retrospective from DBT Understood

dialectical behavior therapyNew Years is a time of reflecting back and planning for the future.  As we look back, we often hope to find meaning in our experiences and direction for the new year.

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