Can You Talk Your Way Out of Stress?

talk your way out of stressStress plagues a large number of Americans.  The 2010 APA Stress Survey reports that in general Americans view their stress levels as higher than is healthy.  Although most recognize that healthy habits can decrease stress, people in the study experienced challenges in engaging in healthy behaviors.

For many, high stress levels contributed to unhealthy coping behaviors, such as over eating, not getting exercise and sleep problems.

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2010 APA Stress Survey

stress survey resultsHow stressed is America?  How stressed are you?  In recognition of the high levels of stress many Americans experience on a daily basis, The American Psychological Association conducts an annual survey to better understand where our stress is coming from.

Stress is an important issue.  It affects both our mental health and our physical health.   Many people find themselves managing stress by doing things that ultimately lead to more problems.  Over or under eating, drinking and smoking are a  few of the behaviors that can create both physical and psychological problems and increase stress over time.

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