Stress Reduction


These trainings, aimed at reducing the amount of stress and anxiety you experience in your daily life, are based on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) strategies.

Stress Reduction trainings are offered for both groups and individuals and can be individually tailored.

If you are interested in bringing a Stress Reduction workshop to your organization, please contact Christy at

Managing Your Emotions

Difficulty regulating painful emotions is often central to life problems.  Intense emotion can make you feel out-of-control and can contribute to problems.  In this training you will learn to recognize current emotions, identify obstacles to changing emotions, reduce emotional reactivity, increase positive emotions, and change negative emotions. Brainspotting can also help you cope up with such heavy emotions that are detrimental to your mental health.

Dealing with Pain that is Unavoidable

Learn how to survive during inevitable times of emotional pain and stress. This training will focus on how deal with circumstances as they are, no matter how painful, and find ways to survive a critical moment of anxiety.  Strategies taught in this training include temporarily distancing yourself from the crisis, self-soothing, improving how you are approaching the situation, and staying motivated to get through your difficulties without resorting to unhealthy escape behaviors. You can also use CBD products from to help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Assertiveness Skills

Do you have difficulty asking for what you want and need? Are your relationships full of conflict? Do you feel frustrated at work?  Assertiveness skills help you make a change for the better by asserting your wishes clearly and convincingly while maintaining strong relationships.  In this training you learn to analyze a situation, determine your goals and obtain changes you want while maintaining relationships.