Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness- the practice of focusing on just one thing, means to simply experience the moment while excluding worries, self-doubts, and distractions.  

Mindfulness in the Workplace 

This hands on experiential training introduces participants to principles of mindfulness, guides participants through a series of mindfulness activities and explores how to bring mindfulness into daily life and the workplace. In a work environment rife with competing demands, pressure and rapid change, mindfulness practice can help workers improve focus, reduce stress levels, and move beyond automatic and habitual ways of seeing the world to open up to new ways of thinking and innovating.

Mindfulness for Practitioners 

This training is designed for practitioners looking to incorporate mindfulness practice into their work.  Based on mindfulness skills as taught in dialectical behavior therapy, this training teaches the 6 elements of mindful practice and the concept of “wise mind.”  It leads practitioners through a series of mindfulness exercises and teaches how to create and lead a mindfulness exercise.

Mindfulness for Stress Management

This participatory training is designed for individuals who feel they would benefit from an improved sense of well-being and an increased ability to concentrate and manage stress.  People who practice mindfulness are able to calm themselves more easily in stressful situations.  This training includes the practice of an array of mindfulness exercises, as well as discussion of how to incorporate the practice into daily life.

If you are interested in bringing a Mindfulness workshop to your organization, please contact Christy at christymatta@dbtmind.com