Resilience, Grit and Getting up When You’ve Fallen

What makes some people more likely to succeed?  Is it intelligence? Good fortune? Money?  All three of those things may certainly help, but successful people will tell you it’s also something else.

You may call it resilience, grit, determination, tenacity, perseverance or courage. In this TED talk Angela Lee Duckworth discusses “grit” as the key to success.

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit



Explore the nature of success in this TED Talk with Tony Robbins.  Are we really seeking success? Or is it better to consider what it takes to have a meaningful and fulfilling life?  How do the resources available to us and the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences impact our lives?


Elizabeth Smart talks about overcoming adversity


Heroes for Hope: Building Resilience for America’s Children Continued

You can find part I of my interview with Dr. Blau by clicking here.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Gary M. Blau, Ph.D., who is involved in wide variety of programs designed to improve the lives of children and families and has been working to raise awareness of Children’s Mental Health.

In my interview with Dr. Blau, I asked about the treatments that are available for children with mental health challenges.

There are numerous evidence based treatments, Dr. Blau said.  There is hope and children do recover.   With grant money through SAMSA and other programs and coordinated networks of care, such as the National Traumatic Stress Network, support services provide children with helpful and necessary services.  Dr. Blau states that varying forms of specific kinds of treatments such as trauma focused cognitive behavior therapy, which is a short term treatment focused on becoming aware of thoughts and traumatic event might effect reactions and behavior are highly effective.  Other promising treatments include SPARCS for teenagers  and ARC.  Dr. Blau emphasized the importance of becoming aware of a child’s mental health challenges, early intervention, addressing problems, finding and effective treatment approach.

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