Strategies to Improve Sleep for Working Parents

baby crying in its cribSleep deprivation can leave you exhausted, stressed and can contribute to health problems. And when you’re a parent, you lose sleep. During that first year of infancies, parents can lose hundreds of hours of sleep. Each family might handle the division of night time tending to an infant differently and fathers are also often sleep deprived. The sleep deprivation can often send such people scampering onto the internet to look for places which can give them a decent mini review on CPAP and APAP systems which help in inducing sleep.

Women of young children and babies often are particularly sleep deprived. For example, a woman who is breast feeding her baby will have to wake for feedings at night, and the baby needs a place to sleep, so having a crib is important and there are kids furniture brands that help with this. According to the Department of Labor in 2009 122 million women age 16 years and over in the U.S. were labor force participants—working or looking for work. As many as 3 quarters of working women are mothers.

Fatigue, exhaustion and sleep problems are common for working women. Returning to work with young babies who are still waking multiple times at night, early mornings and late nights all contribute to sleep deprivation. The fatigue can lead to problems functioning while awake, stress and other health problems. Easily get a better rv double mattress size to avoid getting back pain and better night sleep.

Strategies to Improve Sleep

• Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. When you have an infant waking at night, your body wants to sleep when you need to be awake. Sleep as well as possible when you can. Try to stay ahead of sleep interruptions and fatigue by keeping a regular sleeping and waking time. Read more on how to get a better night's sleep on

• Make sleep a top priority. Cut back on evening phone calls, checking email before bed, late night reading or television watching. If you have dogs consider giving them cbd oil for dogs to stop them from barking at night.

• The cacophony of street or the neighbours' dog could potentially hamper your sleep, and so, it'd be wise to take an acoustical sealant from and seal all your door and soundproof them.

• Schedule a relaxing nighttime transition to sleep. For example, take a bath, read, listen to music.

• Avoid caffeine late in the day to avoid being exhausted but unable to fall asleep at night.

• Protect sleep time and nap when possible. If you feel tired enough to sleep, take a nap even if you feel you should be folding laundry or want to catch a favorite TV show.

• Think of sleep with your partner as “shared.” Don’t sacrifice your share of the sleep. Ask for support, work out a schedule and take turns with organizing, putting kids to bed, getting kids ready for school and other activities that keep you from being able to get to bed on time, get a few extra minutes in the morning or take a nap.

• Do your most challenging work when you are least tired. Try to avoid emotionally draining situations, simplify your daily routines, allow for more messiness and less perfection in your life, if it makes things easier.

Sleep deprivation can affect your health, stress levels and work performance, check more useful tips from this great guide on Sleepify. When you’re a working parent you’re bound to lose some sleep. However, using strategies to catch sleep where you can, prioritize sleep, share sleep with a partner and let go of unimportant tasks in order to get more sleep can reduce the amount of sleep deprivation and improve your overall well being.

Photo by Sam Pullara, available under a Creative Commons attribution license.

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