Dialectical Behavior Therapy Emotion Regulation Skills: Identifying Your Emotions

If you have problems controlling your emotions, sometimes feel like your emotions come out of nowhere or find yourself getting angry very quickly, learning DBT Emotion Regulation Skills might help to better balance your life.

Emotion regulation skills can be difficult to learn.  However, by applying focus and attention, you can begin to gain an understanding of your emotional responses.  The emotion regulation skill module begins with learning to observe and describe your own emotions.  Emotions are complex and the ability to understand them requires that you attend to them as they occur. This requires that you observe and describe:

  • The event that triggered the emotion,
  • Your thoughts about that event,
  • The physical sensations of the emotion,
  • The behaviors that express the emotions,
  • And how the emotion effects your functioning after it has occurred.

Understanding your emotions, beginning to see the patterns in how you respond to events and circumstances, and learning to recognize early emotional triggers helps reduce emotional reactivity.

In future blogs I will be discussing why we have emotions, how to reduce your vulnerability to emotional extremes, and strategies to increase positive emotions in your life.

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